Howdy, Ace! Welcome to our Homestead!

Test Pilot Joe Walker & the Bell X-1AWell, our HOMEPAGE, that is. The Lone Star Flight Club is a "virtual flying club"... an online social network of aviators from in and around Texas, and probably a few high-flyin' folk who just pass through now and again.. We don't have any actual airplanes, a hangar or even a clubhouse. Of course, we also don't have any membership fees or club dues! We do have wide open skies, a love of aircraft and a State so full of airports, museums and great excuses to go flying there's always something of interest to aviators to talk about or do!

Why the Lone Star Flight Club?

The original idea was to call ourselves The Happy Bottom Flying Club of Texas but we decided that name might send the wrong message (and if you get that reference, Ace, you know your aviation lore; if not, you'll have to join to find out!).

Of course, you're actually probably wondering what's the point of a "virtual flying club" with no aircraft. Quite simply, pilots are a rare and special lot so we need a good way to stay connected. Think of it as a "Flyer's Co-op": network enough of the fine folk who fly in and around Texas and we have what they call "leverage". There's strength in numbers and benefits to "buying in bulk", not to mention we can throw better shindigs, have more friends and share of information. You know... network!

Caption ContestClub Members can benefit from...

Who Can Join?

All Lone Star State aviators, including flight & support crews, are encouraged to join - student, sport, private, commercial, military, former or even prospective pilots are welcome - so long as you aim to fly the friendly skies over the Lone Star State we want you to be a member of the Club!

How Much Does is Cost?

Membership is FREE... there are no application fees, no membership dues to be in the Club. Of course, you'll still pay for retail items, event admission, raffle tickets - things you already buy - and we may even request donations now & then. These are all optional and, of course, once we have enough numbers, should be more affordable to Club Members. We do ask for important marketing information that will help us tailor opportunities, save time and money for everyone and give us some pull when it comes to getting event sponsors, group discounts, and exclusive opportunities. We will not sell this information, only use it to enhance your Membership experience (after all, a discount on an annual or an oil change doesn't do you much good if you don't own airplane!).

How Do We Stay In Touch?

FacebookRather than print and mail out newsletters, members receive information via Facebook (and soon Twitter). If you don't use Facebook or other online social media you'll have the option to receive information by e-mail. Unless you request it, we e-mail as infrequently as possible. For pilots with no Facebook OR e-mail there is a "snail mail" option but direct mail pieces will be reserved only for very special discounts, promotions or news (after all, it costs money to print and pay postage!). If you need a Facebook account we recommend contacting your closest relative under the age of sixteen.

Texas' Aviation Marketplace... Coming Soon!

TomcatTomcat's Hangar is our online FREE Classifieds Marketplace for any and all aviation-related items. You'll find merchandise for sale, aviation parts and service provider directories, even entire aircraft... well, sometimes, mostly entire aircraft.

The Strip Center is LSFC's online Retail Outlet offering new and varied items of interest to pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

While you do not have to be a Club Members to visit either marketplace you will miss out on special discounts and exclusive offers if you're not. Be sure to Follow our Facebook Page to get the announcement when these pages come online!

Did We Mention It's FREE!!!... Join Now!

So, what are you waiting for, Tex? Click "Become a Member" in the navigational frame at left, or "Join Now" underlined above, or the big flag banner just below. Then just fill out the Membership Form and click submit to become part of the Club. Do it now so you don't forget to do it later! It only takes a minute or so.


UCNOTAM: LSFC is Always Under Construction!

After a heap of planning, plotting & pontificating, the LSFC is finally getting off the ground in 2014! Things will be "Under Construction" for some some time as we get things going and expand. Please keep in mind the Club and the webpages are works in progress. Kindly pardon us if something doesn't work quite as we intended.